If you are willing to buy a second hand car, then you should beforehand check its general condition. It would also be good if you checked the history of the vehicle to make sure that the car is the one that its owner claims it is.

For further information read the advices below:

• 1. Perform a check on the tires to see whether the pads have been damaged or whether any other damages exist on the sidewalls. When a tire has an uneven wear it is a sign that the wheel and the tires need alignment.
• 2. The steering wheel should rotate smoothly from edge to edge without causing unusual noises or vibrations.
• 3. A weak or very hard clutch pedal may imply that the car needs repair.
• 4. Check if the worn inside the car is consisted with the kilometers the car has supposed to have traveled.
• 5. During a test drive, you should feel that the brakes correspond to your needs.
• 6. Make sure that all the elements function properly, including the electric parts. This should include the windows, the sun roof, the seats etc.