With the purchase of a second hand car you may save a lot of money. A brand new car looses its value very quickly in the beginning, with the result that its price, after the first three years, includes only the 60-70% of the initial price. To be more specific, right after the purchase of the vehicle, the car’s value decreases automatically by €1000-2000.

Basically, when you buy a brand new car, you mainly pay for its new appearance and its guarantee. This, nevertheless, doesn’t mean that your new car will be perfect. Brand new cars often are found to face problems such as a bad design or manufacturing defects that may have been repaired during the warranty period if the car is second hand. The same goes for any other check or service of the car.

Another advantage when you purchase a used car is the that you will obtain it with all the additional equipment you always desired, which obviously you wouldn’t enjoy if you had purchased the car as brand new, because you wouldn’t have all the money to pay for it.

Nevertheless, the purchase of used car may be risky. No one could guarantee that the car has not been involved in an accident, maintains the real mileage and has been properly been serviced. It could include non obvious problems such as a worn gearbox or mechanical problems that probably you did not realize when you were having the test-drive.