Click on the button «SELL YOUR CAR» (located in the horizontal button bar). Here you need to fill a form. The form consists of 7 short sections:


  • In the first section you are able to select basic information about the vehicle. A good tip here is that fields that are marked with * are required. In case you didn’t fill in correctly the form, the system will point out the missing fields.


  • In the second section you set the selling price of the vehicle.


  • In the third section you can set your vehicle’s specifications.


  • In the forth section you can assign some features and extras. It is important to tick all the specification that relate to your offer. Otherwise it will not show up when people limit their search to a specific specification(s).


  • In the fifth section you are able to write some additional information for your vehicle.


  • In the sixth section you are able to add 4 pictures of the vehicle. Press browse and find where the picture(s) is/are located on your hard drive.


  • In the seventh section you are required to write a telephone number and your e-mail. You can write your name and surname as well.


Finally press «Continue» and wait until the system generate you a password. Then you are able to see your advert and make any corrections if any. When finished press «SUBMIT» and wait until you see the message «The advert was successfully published». Your offer will be active as soon as the administrator approves it (Adverts containing faults and/or information that assault people’s norms and moral beliefs will not be posted).

The «ACCESS CODE» will be send to you automatically via email and/or sms. Your advert will be posted for 60 days. If you do not update your advert before the end of the valid period then the advert is automatically deleted from the system when the period ends. Otherwise this period will be renewed.  


2. Search

Click on the button “ADVANCED SEARCH”. Here you can search by limiting your search result to:

Type of Vehicle





Transmission and

Price (From/To)


Additionally a visitor can choose the vehicle category that interest her/him and search for the vehicle of her/his needs. This can be done by choosing the category from the vertical button bar. The more specific you are making your search the less offers will show up in the result.


3. Edit or Delete your offer

In the vertical button bar click on the button «EDIT OFFER». Enter the «ACCESS CODE» of your offer in the box and press «LOGIN». Here you can make changes to your offer. When you finish press «SUBMIT». Your offer will be active as soon as the administrator approves it.


To delete your offer simply click on «DELETE OFFER» in the bottom of the page